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*Read Before Purchase*

***All items are hand crafted and take roughly 12-13 weeks to arrive!***


Must be read BEFORE ORDERING as all Items are custom made and cannot be returned unless they are damaged in shipping!!


We strive to make sure you are more than pleased with your purchase.  If you experience a problem, please contact us!

However, keep in mind that each piece is made by hand, one at a time, in small Amish workshops out of solid wood boards. These are not “sterile” factory conditions, and as such, minor imperfections should be anticipated and, in fact, embraced! Since each piece is made to your order, please allow a minimum of 8-9 weeks from when your order was placed to delivery.

Returns are Not Accepted.  All furniture is warranted for 1 year for manufacturing defects only. You will be charged for the full purchase price when your order is placed.


Any fine furniture built with solid wood planks is susceptible to movement with drastic humidity variations. Museums are keenly aware of this fact and maintain constant humidity and temperature levels simply to keep their furniture treasures from cracking and becoming loose. Many years ago, before the inventions of modern forced air heating systems, this was not a problem because homes simply weren’t as warm and dry as they are today. Humidity levels remained more constant, and cracking of furniture was not considered to be a problem.  However, current furnace designs can lower the humidity levels in our homes as much as 50% and this can seriously affect the stability of any fine furniture.


Please Keep In Mind...

Typical examples of wood movement in environments with humidity levels too low are:


· The contraction of a door panel within its frame


· Shrinking and cracking across wide table tops


· Drawers that seize or bind


· Case sides that have developed small cracks or shifted and now bind against the leg


These problems can be reduced with regulated humidity. However, certain of these “imperfections” are considered acceptable, even desirable, by dealers and collectors.



If you are purchasing a piece with a side panel access to a secret compartment...

On rare occasions the secret compartment side panel can begin to rub on the leg of your table due to changes in humidity. If this occurs, in most cases it can easily be solved by opening the compartment and carefully peeling the felt away from the hinges on the back side (furthest from you). Loosen the screws (do not remove) of the hinges and slightly move the side panel away from the edge that is rubbing, being careful not to move it too far over. Retighten the screws (do not over tighten). If that does not help, please contact us for further instructions.


Read about different finishes and how they can affect wood...

Our finishes are applied using only the finest products available anywhere. However, all lacquer and varnish finishes are susceptible to scratching and marring in the absence of reasonable care.  Ball point pens, keys, and rings are perhaps the biggest culprits.  To protect your furniture use writing pads, place mats, or felt pads whenever possible.



If you choose brown maple construction:

Brown maple is an excellent hardwood that we have in great supply in our area, thus giving you an excellent product at a very reasonable price. However, it does have inherent variations in color both from plank to plank and even within the same plank.

If you want the color of your piece to be more uniform, please choose a darker stain color!

If you love the look of real wood, and rejoice in its color variations, then feel free to choose a lighter stain color.



Any legal action must be filed in Summit County, OH


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