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Secret Compartment Furniture FAQ’s


How do I open the side compartments on the tables?

Using your fingertips (not thumb), apply inward and downward pressure on the bottom 1/3rd of the side panel.   A second method is to place the heel of your hand on the bottom 1/3rd of the side panel, wrap your fingers around to where the hinges are, and squeeze your hand against the wood while rotating your hand down.


What if I am still having trouble opening the compartment?

Place one or more layers of tape on the strike plate where the magnet attaches itself (at the top inside of the side panel) to decrease the strength of the magnetic seal.


What if the side compartment is too easy to open?

Remove the "Made in the USA" sticker.  If it is still too easy to open, you may need to             adjust the magnet attached to the underside of the top.  Slightly loosen the 2 screws (do       not remove) until you can slide the magnets forward just a bit.  Retighten the screws        and check for ease vs. difficulty to open.  Adjust accordingly again.  Still too easy?         Contact us!


How do I use the Tot Lok?

The Tot Lok is activated by rotating the red bar back and down.  It is deactivated by pushing the latch down while rotating the red bar up and forward.

If the lock is activated, use the magnetic “key” and slowly slide it along the top edge of the compartment until you hear the “click”, and the magnet sticks to the wood.  This means the compartment is unlocked and can be opened as usual.


What if a customer wants to change the dimensions of the piece?

That is normally not a problem.  Changes in the height are easy and can usually be done quite inexpensively.  Changes to width/length are sometimes a bit more costly.  Let us know your ideas and we will be happy to get a quote out to you.


Can you add a secret compartment to piece of furniture I currently own?

No.  It is easier and less costly for us to start from scratch.


How long will it take for an order to be filled?

About 8-9 weeks. 


What if I want a piece of furniture to match something I already have?

No Problem!!  We are a "custom shop", meaning we can match the wood, stain, and style of items you already have.


I would like to order a custom piece.  How do I do that?

Contact us directly at or 330-403-9701.  We will discuss your project at length.  Please email as much information as you can including photos of how you want it to look, description of items you want to hide, and the overall size of the piece.  We will likely go back and forth several times with drawings and ideas--it is a bit of a "process".  Once a design is settled on, we will need 50% down (non-refundable) to get started, and then the balance prior to shipping.  Lead time is usually 8-9 weeks after the down payment is received.


What types of finishes do you offer?

Pretty much anything you want.  All finishes come with 2 layers of clear topcoat.  In order of least to most expensive:

  • Stain
  • Stain with distressing
  • Stain with glaze
  • Paint
  • Paint with rub through to a stain color
  • Paint with rub through to another paint color
  • Paint with rub through to another paint color, distressed, and glazed

Clearly, we can do anything you want, just let us know your preferences. 


What is your warranty?

We guarantee the workmanship on all of our items.   We also guarantee that all our items leave the workshop in pristine condition.  If your item arrives damaged, please contact the shipper immediately, keep all packing materials, and take photos.  We will do everything we can to help in that regard.  Please note that our items are made by hand from solid wood.  Small inconsistencies and imperfections should be expected and embraced.  If there is something more than that, please contact us!  Our furniture is of heirloom quality and you will be able to hand them down to your children, and them to their children!


How can I make payment?


We accept payment by PayPal or you can pay directly by contact




How is my item shipped?

Smaller items (mirrors, bedside tables, coat racks, etc.) are shipped via FedEx.  Large items are shipped via a network of "blanket shippers".   It is "white glove" service where the item is delivered straight into your home.  These folks do only furniture deliveries, so know how to handle them with care and efficiency.