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Secret Compartment Furniture: Bedroom Edition

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Homeowners spend half of their lifetime lying in their bed. You want your space to feel zen, look zen and provide a source of protection should you happen to need it. We provide a variety of different secret compartment furniture items for your bedroom for you to store your valuables, firearms and more. Should a break in of your home occur, you can feel confident that you can protect yourself if you have just one of our hidden compartment furniture pieces nearby.

Shaker-Style One Drawer End Table

The Secret Compartment Furniture end table with hidden storage is essential for any bedroom. You can choose from more than 10 different stain colors and a variety of wood options to customize this piece to fit perfectly in your bedroom. It has one fully functional end drawer, square shaker legs and a shelf. The secret compartment is located behind the drawer and accessed by flipping the rear panel downward. It’s the perfect space for hiding a small firearm, cash or jewelry while still looking inconspicuous and stylish in your bedroom.

Shaker-Style Bed

Who would have thought their bed could have a secret compartment? Probably not many people, which makes it a great piece of furniture to incorporate into your bedroom since no one would suspect anything to be hidden somewhere inside of it. Our shaker-style bed with hidden compartments comes in full, king, queen or California king, a variety of wood choices and 10 different colors to ensure it matches the rest of your furniture. The secret compartment measures the width of the headboard. You can fit any valuable inside to give you peace of mind that you and your valuables are always safe.

Three-Drawer End Table

Sometimes you need more storage in the bedroom and our three-drawer end table with secret compartments is the perfect solution. Even better, you can add an additional secret compartment to it to store even more valuables. Select your stain color and wood to match your other furniture and then select if you want the additional lift up secret compartment. If you don’t want the additional secret compartment it will come with a secret compartment behind the top two drawers and one in the bottom drawer.

Each Secret Compartment Furniture piece is made in the USA and will stand the test of time. It is furniture that can continue to be passed on for generations. In addition to bedroom furniture, we offer living room furniture, bookcases and more. Shop our hidden compartment furniture inventory here.

Secret Compartment Furniture: Living Room Edition

According to the FBI, every 15 seconds a home burglary occurs in the United Sates. This amounts to 4,800 break-ins per day. Having easily accessible safety items in all parts of your home can ensure you are protected should a break in occur. Where do you hide these items though, so they are easily accessible to you, but not [...]

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Thank you to Firearm Freedom for interviewing us at the 2019 Great American Outdoor Show

In this interview we go over some really cool concealment furniture with Jill who is the owner! Gotta love high quality hand crafted stuff to hide firearms!Wanna support Firearm Freedom's Channel? Click here!

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2018 NRA: Hide it All in Plain Sight with Secret Compartment Furniture

OSG’s Michael Bane stopped by to talk to to Jill Herro, owner, designer, and builder, of Secret Compartment Furniture during the 2018 NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits in Dallas, TX.Jill explains how you can “hide it all in plain sight” with her completely customizable furniture. The beautiful pieces of Secret Compartment Furniture are Amish built [...]

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Hottest concealment guns, gear from NRA Carry Guard Expo

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Secret Compartment Furniture is Part of Safe Gun Home Storage

There’s no better example of the old saying “necessity is the mother of invention” than seeking something out, not finding it, and then making your own. That’s what happened to Jill Herro when she started her company, Secret Compartment Furniture.“I searched online for furniture where I could store my gun and frankly found nothing I [...]

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Jill Herro’s new career is making furniture with a secret

By Jim MackinnonBeacon Journal business writerUp until the spring of 2009, Jill Herro said she had never touched a gun in her life.“On a lark, I took a concealed carry class with two of my girlfriends,” said Herro. “I really enjoyed it. … I found it to be empowering and kind of fun.”Shortly afterward, the [...]

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