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Oak versus Brown Maple: Pros and Cons of These Furniture Woods

Wood has been used in furniture for hundreds of years. It is still done today as it provides excellent raw material for both consumer and commercial use. Wood is a warm material that is easy to shape and work with. Woodworking fits well with the phrase, “It takes a minute to learn [...]

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Secret Weapons: Clandestine Storage for Deadly Devices

We’ve all been there; you’re home alone, watching TV. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a team of trained assassins burst through your door or window with one goal in mind; your elimination. They come at you hard and fast, confident that they’ve caught you unprepared. However, it is they who are unprepared, as you quickly pull [...]

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How to Protect Your Furniture Against the Damage from Humidity

Wood furniture represents some of the most beautiful, timeless pieces in your home. The look never goes out of style, and this furniture can be passed down through generations. However, there are several enemies to your favorite wood pieces, and humidity is a big one. Humidity in both directions, too much and too little, can [...]

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7 Tips to Take Care of Heirloom Quality Furniture

Most everyone can say that amidst all of their furniture is something that belonged to a relative at an earlier time. Whether it’s great-grandma’s table or your aunt’s old rocking chair, heirloom furniture holds a special place in our hearts and in our homes. One of the most important aspects of ensuring that your heirlooms [...]

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