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​The Pink Pistols: Protecting the LGBTQ Community

Posted by SCF on

It is important not only for the LGBTQ community, but other targeted communities to protect themselves by carrying guns. Unsure about this statement?

Let us introduce you to the Pink Pistols gun club.

With 45 chapters across the U.S. and 230 members, the Pink Pistols gun club for the LGBTQ community is an organization that helps its members “select a firearm, acquire a permit, and receive proper training in its safe and legal use for self-defense.”

If you have never owned a gun, or own one and aren’t comfortable with using one, we encourage your to get involved with the Pink Pistols. The Pink Pistols gather at least once a month at firing ranges to practice shooting and get acquainted with your gun.

Did you know that…

According to a study done by The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP), LGBTQ homicides in the U.S. between 2014 and 2015 have increased by 20 percent?

Gay men report being victims of violent hate crimes at a higher rate than any other targeted group

62% of homicides in 2015 were LGBTQ people of color

54% of hate-violence related LGBTQ homicides in 2015 were transgender women of color

These staggering statistics should encourage you to learn more about what the LGBTQ community is faced with on a daily basis and how they can safely protect themselves and others around them. Pink Pistols is a great first step in the process. The next best step for once you own a gun is Secret Compartment Furniture.

For those concerned about what to do with the gun when they come home to younger siblings or children, Secret Compartment Furniture has plenty of options for you. From bookshelves and end tables to mirrors and flower boxes, only YOU have to know what is actually hiding in your furniture. Inconspicuously hide your gun (and valuables) in any of our furniture to keep you and those around you safe.